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Where to begin, April has been an exceptional aerial instructor. Professional, punctual, knowledgable, and resourceful. One of the greatest reasons on why I choose to come back, and specifically to her classes is because she is all about safety. Safety always is first with her, even if she has to yell from across the room during a full class to make sure I don’t fall, she will do that. She genuinely cares about your safety, physical, mental, and spiritual growth. I highly recommend everyone to take the opportunity to take one of her classes.

Kaz Palomino 

“Taking private lessons with April has been a great experience. She’s been super helpful in cleaning up my flow and making my transitions look a lot smoother and effortless. Her background in music has also proven to be immensely helpful when trying to create and choreograph a routine. I’d highly recommend taking a class from April. If you just want to do yoga or if you’re looking to become a performer, she’s more then capable of helping you reach your goals.”

Shawn Kebker

I started aerial yoga a little over a year ago, but I can say that I don't consider my true aerial training to have started until I started taking classes with April.  She is very well rounded in yoga, acrobatics and dance.  Anyone would be lucky to take a class with her.  She is a patient and very supportive teacher and because of this, she has developed a loyal community of students who value the time and care she has taken for each of us.

Olivia Shoup

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