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Sierra Lariviere is excited to be performing "Echo" in her second student showcase with Skylark Studios. She has been working closely with April since June 2021 learning aerial dance techniques and flows. When she isn't in the studio, Sierra can be found spending time with family, friends, and her animals. 



Madi is a Phoenix home-grown circus artist, specializing in aerial arts.  Madi's circus journey began three years ago, starting with lyra before falling in love with many other circus disciplines. She now trains with various studios and instructors in the valley to learn air and floor apparatuses. As a model, Madi enjoys combining circus passions, with creative photoshoots, to make exciting new arts.



Lynn Saxen is reviving Lorelei Jewel in her second Skylark showcase, but now she’s a confident land-loving mermaid showing off her silk skills in “This Is Confidence” Raised in Anaheim, CA, Lynn performed with her award-winning high school colorguard team and had since longed for that excitement again. Fast forward 18 years when she discovered aerial at The Dance Shoppe, there her first recital was a group silks/trapeze routine and she has since trained at various studios throughout the valley focusing mainly on silks. This wife, pet parent and CPA recently delighted her guests with a surprise performance on silks and lyra at her 40th birthday party!



Shawn has been doing aerial for 3 years; but more importantly, he’s been taking classes from April Seed for 17 months. Shawn has nearly exclusive performed for Skylark Studios as Pascal the Mime. When Shawn is not going on weird and borderline disturbing adventure as “Pascal the Mime,” he can often be found creating Unhinged Food Affirmations that he uses to spam April’s phone. Upon very rare occasions, Shawn has been known to do productive things; but none of it is worth mentioning because they are very boring and you didn’t read this far into Shawn’s bio to be bored. So…just sit back…relax…have another sip of the amazing drink that you got…and enjoy the show. 



April is tapping into the wonder and childhood mystery of what happens when you go to sleep and the toys come alive. The owner of Skylark Studios, she is excited to present the studio’s first holiday show for you all. 



Andrea has been DANCING since the age of 2! She is the owner of 8*Count Dance & enjoys sharing her passion of dance with so many students over the years. Andrea’s favorite style of dance is Tap! Fun fact: Andrea & her younger sister would wear their tap shoes to story time at the library when little!!! 



Sophie began dancing at the age of two and trained in a variety of dance styles. In high school, she studied at Main Street School of Performing Arts (now PiM Arts Highschool), where she graduated with an honors arts endorsement in Dance. Sophie then went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota in 2019, where she got her BA in Dance & Media Studies. Sophie has had the privilege of performing in works choreographed by artists including Eko Supriyanto (Indonesia), Chris Schlichting, Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast), John Mark Creative, and many more. Sophie was selected as part of Eau Claire Music Festival's resident dance company in 2016. She has had the privilege of performing in several music videos and at well known venues. 



Madi and April are teaming up in an aerial version of Heat Miser on the tippy lyra.



Kelly Ward will be debuting her sling routine, "Sally's Song" (from the Nightmare Before Christmas) in her second showcase with Skylark Studios. Kelly is the owner of AWARD Choreography, a choreography company that primarily focuses on competitive allstar cheer and dance routines. Kelly began dancing at age 3 and has trained in many styles with hip hop as her specialty. She competed at the Allstar World Championships for dance in 2011, 2012, and 2013 with Michigan Xtreme where she also coached cheer and dance for 8 years. Kelly was a member of both the Eastern Michigan University Cheer and Dance teams. She has traveled the world teaching cheer and dance choreography and even lived in Australia in 2016. Kelly began aerial yoga 3 years ago and shortly after found and fell in love with aerial dance. Kelly and her husband, Broc performed an aerial sling piece (choreographed by April Seed) as their first dance at their wedding last May. Kelly and Broc recently performed on the aerial sling for Gold Rush music festival with the Weird and Wonderful Cast and she is looking forward to their upcoming performance with Weird and Wonderful at Decadence music festival. 

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